Epic Intern – Editing in VR is the future

I have been working as a software engineer intern at Epic Games for a month now. I am helping out with the VR Editor for Unreal Engine 4, which was announced last week.

The VR Editor in Unreal Engine allows developers to edit their project inside VR using motion controllers for input. We aim to make it as intuitive as possible and improve the efficiency of development. Developing in VR can have many benefits.

If you already know about the VR Editor and if you have questions,feedback, opinions or ideas let us know on the main forum thread or on my personal research forum thread.

A short preview

The announcement twitch livestream

Tim Sweeney blog post about the VR Editor

Interview with Tim Sweeney about the VR Editor

UE4 Slate List View

Hello everyone, today I wanted to create a list widget using slate in Unreal Engine 4. But there is not much online about this topic. There is an example of List Views on this page  and ofcourse the documentation of the SListView class. The remark of that documentation is totally wrong, but luckily UE4 is open source and I found an example in the editor code. So I created a simple example class for you, so you don’t have to search for yourself!

I added a button that adds a new item to the list everytime it is pressed. You can do whatever you want to add items in a the array. Note that it doesn’t work when you add them in the Construct function.

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UE4 Base HUD class

While working on the UI of Switch I noticed that HUD blueprints can become a bit messy. The way we do it in Switch is a HUD for the game that holds “main widgets” (scoreboard, ingame menu, game hud etc). Creating, managing and switching those widgets are the cause of the messy blueprint.

So that’s why I created a simple C++ base class for HUDs. The class has a map that holds a name for the main widget and a reference to the widget.

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MultiEdit 0.2

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MultiEdit 0.1

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UE4 Trello Bug Reporter

This is my first tutorial about Unreal Engine 4. It was originally posted here on the UE4 forum. Feel free to post there if you have any feedback, comments or questions. This tutorial describes how you can post Trello cards from your UE4 C++ code with HTTP requests. This will be used to post bugs with a UMG bug reporter. You can download the project here.
Note: This was created in UE 4.7.6

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Hello world!

Shouldn’t everything begin with hello world? Well I removed all the old stuff from this website to restart it. That’s why this website is so empty at the moment.